About Dr. Orthotic

Here at Dr. Orthotic Lab, we are proud to serve practitioners around Ontario by maintaining an outstanding reputation for perfecting the art of custom orthotic fabrication combining advanced CAD/CAM technology and hand craftsmanship. With over 40 years of combined experience in lower limb biomechanics research, foot care and orthoses manufacturing, we wish to collaborate our efforts with yours in delivering the highest quality and truly custom made products to your clients. Included in your package, is a quick overview of our 3D laser scanning system, manufacturing process, and our signature orthotic styles that can be selected to cater to a wide range of foot types and lifestyles. Kindly contact us today and request a new iPad device equipped with the iSense™ 3D Scanner and “Dr Orthotic” app. Your free trial period will allow you to experience firsthand the ease and remarkable accuracy of this innovative casting technology! On behalf of the entire Dr. Orthotic team, we look forward to working with you to help treat patients through the tradition of biomechanics and orthotic therapy.