• Saman

Latest Foot Orthotic Technology

Modern 3D surface scanning systems can obtain accurate and repeatable digital representations of the foot shape and have been successfully used in medical, ergonomic and footwear development applications. Foot scans can be analyzed using Shoe Master Custom where the shape and dimensions of feet can be compared to lasts and lasts can be customized to fit an individual foot. So can manufacturers related apparel and devices for foot, particularly those interested in producing items that are customized to the individual.

Following your foot assessment, we scan your feet with a computerized measuring digitizer that transforms your footprint into a file that can be manipulated using specialized software. Once your foot scans have been modified on the computer by a trained orthotist then the file transfer to our manufacturing device.

Using state of the art cameras and lasers 2D and 3D foot scanner is fast, accurate, portable and easy to use.  The increasing affordability of these systems presents opportunities for:

  • Scanning of human feet in clinics for ordering of prescription foot orthoses and documentation

  • Scanning of professional clients' plaster casts for CADCAM fabrication of foot orthotic devices

  • Quantitative and statistical studies of human feet to foot orthotic design for maximum comfort and fit

Academic research such as biomechanics engineering and sport science in relation to plantar foot structure.

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