Made Simple!
iPad 3D Laser Scanner

Get more information from your patient’s foot than ever before. A true 3D foot scanning and casting system with high precision analytics start with a true 3D Laser Scanning image of the patient’s foot, taken with a unique, state-of-the-art color scanning system. Our experience shows that through education, more people will choose to purchase and use custom foot orthotics. Dr. Orthotic’s precise analytics is a tool that launches a customer’s education. You can print a full bio-mechanical assessment report of your patient’s foot profile to be sent home with them for future references. This printout also could act as a marketing brochure as your patients talk with their friends, families & co-workers. Use real 3D data to categorize your patient’s foot and refer to the graphics as you discuss their personal biomechanics. If they have a high arch, either rigid or flexible? What about pronation or supination? When they see and understand the biomechanical root cause of the pain in their heel, arch, metatarsals, knees or back, they’ll be ready to discuss options. Through informed education, more people choose to purchase and actually use their custom foot orthotics.

CNC Milling System

Our CNC positive mold milling system incorporates state-of-the-art orthotic modification software to create a customized 3-dimensional positive of the foot. The orthotic shells then thermoformed on the positive mold to create the base shell of the orthotic. We save all 3-dimensional images from your patient’s feet before and after orthotic correction and keep their foot mold for 90 days in case of second-order or future modifications.

Modification System

The design of DrOrthotic fabrication system was a collaborative effort involving foot health professionals from the Canadian College Of Foot Health (CCOFH), with extensive input from professionals such as podiatrists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and certified pedorthists. This system was designed to better meet the patient’s needs while reducing the cost and time of making custom orthotics.